Directory Boards

We offer a niche service to businesses in Wellington who require new high-end directory boards for their building or office tower, whether a bespoke installation or proprietary fitting.

We additionally can update existing directory boards for building newcomers. At Frampton Signs, we’ve been developing and perfecting this system for many years, and manufacture, install and update directory boards all over Wellington for a variety of businesses and buildings.

The types of directory boards we can offer for your company building or office tower are broad and plenty. We know that every office building has its individual style, and we can cater to every business’ specific needs. A few examples of the directory boards we’ve installed and updated in the past include:

  • Slatz system directory boards - are changeable and can be easily assembled
  • Glass directory boards
  • Vinyl directory boards
  • Acrylic directory boards

Contact us via phone or email with your directory board specifications and we can chat through the options we have to offer.