Neon Signs

"The broad selection of technologies we hold at the Frampton Signs factory allows us to incorporate various techniques into our light installations, such as combining both standard lightboxes with neon illumination"

We’re proud of our neon. Frampton Signs are the only sign company in the greater Wellington area with a neon sign plant, and we work meticulously to create perfect pieces of custom neon for every client. Chances are if you’ve seen a neon light sign in Wellington, we constructed it, which places even more importance on achieving absolute excellence, every time. We put the same amount of effort and expertise into every sign we create, from restaurant signs, to theatre signs, to illuminated office building signs. We often use a mixture of substrates, like illuminated lightboxes with neon, to create installations that stand out.

Being a long established and acclaimed company here in Wellington, we’re trusted to supply quality neon for various well-known businesses in the area.

• Wellington City Council relies upon Frampton Signs to design, manufacture and repair art features you may have seen around the city, from full neon installations to subtle lighting for effect.

• Weta Workshop has asked us to incorporate neon into big films such as “Lord of the Rings”, “King Kong”, and “Avatar”. We also provide lighting for hire to a number of local film companies to be used in commercials and movies.

• We’ve been working with Te Papa since it’s opening and have proudly exhibited works in collaboration with various famous artists on display here in Wellington, and around the world. We’ve fostered long lasting relationships with the curators at Te Papa and are honoured to be the default advice and repair company for any neon artworks displayed there.

If you’re looking for neon, you’ve come to the right place. A few of our options include:

  • Bespoke neon works to suit your specifications
  • Neon for your business - shop signs, office signs, company signs for buildings, restaurant signs, theatre signs
  • Art installations for Te Papa in collaboration with artists
  • Neon rental for commercials and movies
  • Combinations of neon and other signage, such as lightboxes

We’re here to help. Contact us for a chat about your neon needs. We’d be pleased to talk you through our neon sign options.

New Zealand Police - September 2016

"I would like to thank your firm for the fantastic work that has been completed with the plaques. I realise that there is a large amount of work involved in the preparation and planning and the end result is greatly appreciated."